Quality, Trust and Perfection

Picking the right independent school is a very arduous ordeal for parents. There are over 2,000 independent schools in the UK. Ideally, parents choose a school depending on its suitability for the child. But how would they go about making that choice?

They read guides, assess league tables, ask consultants and get recommendations from friends. Then what next? Nowadays, they log on to the internet and visit the school's website. They browse through the pages and if they like what they see, they ask for a prospectus. Once they have that, they read it and by then, they have a pretty good idea whether they like the school or not - on to the phone to make an appointment.

It goes without saying that a reputation and an established name speak for themselves. The correct marketing approach, the right prospectus, the concise and immaculate website all help to present the perfect school for prospective parents.

Quality, trust and perfection. That is what our service to schools and parents is based on.